v2 - get_iplayer Package Issue For Debian / Raspbian on openSUSE Build Service

Charles Holding cjholding at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 16:41:58 GMT 2021

You'll need to escape the ":" in the old keyring filename (obviously
tab completion will do this for you, but copy and paste won't.

Step 1 - Delete the old key keyring

sudo rm -v /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/home\:m-grant-prg.gpg


On Mon, 15 Mar 2021 at 14:58, Mark Grant <m.grant.prg at gmail.com> wrote:
> v2: Add keyring name change problem and resolution. Thanks to Charles
> Holding.
> ------
> Thanks to James Eaton for reporting the problem.
> Problem Affects...
> ==================
> A problem currently exists for anyone who installed the get_iplayer
> package from the openSUSE Build Service. This service currently
> supports Debian and Raspbian, buster and stretch.
> Problem Cause and Impact
> ========================
> The first problem is that the repository key downloaded at the time of
> installation had an expiry date which has just passed. This causes APT
> errors when updating a system (apt-get update etc.). This only affects
> that opensuse.org repository, all your other system repositories
> continue to function as usual.
> The second problem is that the command to download the key has
> changed to target a different keyring name and can result in the old
> expired key persisting and causing problems.
> Quick Fix
> =========
> The key on the remote repository has been updated and now has an expiry
> date in mid 2023. So the immediate solution is to re-install the key
> after deleting the old key. So:-
> Step 1 - Delete the old key keyring
> sudo rm -v /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/home:m-grant-prg.gpg
> Step 2 - Reinstall the key as done at the original install
> Go to the download site:-
> https://software.opensuse.org//download.html?project=home%3Am-grant-prg&package=get-iplayer
> Find your relevant section Debian or Raspbian buster or stretch and run
> the curl command in a terminal. After this system updates should work
> with no errors shown against opensuse.org.
> Long Term Fix
> =============
> A transparent fix is required. I shall contact the openSUSE Build
> Service people and find a solution with them.
> Apologies for the inconvenience, this is a surprising problem for a
> public repository.
> Regards
> Mark
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