Excluding results from pvr search

Andy Hawkins andy at gently.org.uk
Tue Jun 8 03:21:39 PDT 2021


Perfect, didn't realise you could use a regex in there as well.

Modified to be '^Time:' as per Chris Walker's advice to check for the 
colon as well.

Thanks to all for the responses.


On 08/06/2021 09:39 am, George Eycott wrote:
> Bear in mind you can use regular expressions, two of the most useful that I
> find are ^ and $ for beginning and end respectively, so for example:
> ^Time
> Will only find programmes titles that begin with the word Time, or
> Time$
> Will only find programmes that end with the word Time, you can combine them
> so
> ^Time$
> Will only find programmes for which the title is Time (with nothing before
> or after).
> You can also limit by channel, so for example if you add:
> channel BBC Radio 4
> to the file, it will only find the programme you are searching for on Radio
> 4 (not sure which time programme you are looking for, but the same works for
> TV channels as well).
> That should help you narrow it down a bit! There are other ways involving
> series PID's, so if you can find the PID for the series you want to record
> just use that instead of the search 0 term, so for example I have a PVR file
> that contains the following:
> pid p04x5pd7
> pidrecursive 1
> type radio
> This records all episodes of "Fortunately", again the same principle would
> work for TV.
> Good luck!
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>> Hi,
>> I recently added the series 'Time' to my PVR search list. This has created
> a file
>> containing the following:
>> search0 time
>> The problem I now have is that this is (unsurprisingly) matching all sorts
> of
>> other series (e.g. Drivetime, BBC Newsline, CBeebies Bedtime Stories
> etc.).
>> Is there any way to add some sort of exclusions to the PVR search file to
> try
>> to reduce these matches?
>> Thanks
>> Andy
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