Why no Formula E?

Don Grunbaum don at grunbaum.co.uk
Sun Apr 25 13:47:37 BST 2021

I believe that only programmes that are broadcast through the "regular" channels appear in the GiP cache.

To pick up others such as these and "box sets" you should use the series pid and the recursive option.



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> I have a PVR search saved for 'Formula E' but it's not picking it up
> and says that there are no matches. But if I do --info against a PID
> for the latest round it shows it.
> I wondered if I had excluded it but my refreshexclude line looks like
> this :- CBBC,CBeebies,audiodescribed,signed
> I've even tried specifying the channel as sport but still it doesn't
> find it. Where am I going wrong?

Just searched for "formula" and get_iplayer finds one match:

INFO: Indexing tv programmes (concurrent)
INFO: Added 20 tv programmes to cache
1184: Formula E: 2021 - Round Three - Rome, BBC Two, m000v5hn
INFO: 1 matching programmes

Searching for "formula" on the iPlayer website finds eight matches. All
of them except for the above one were only broadcast via the BBC sport
webpage. Maybe that is why they don't show up?

Andrew Woodward

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