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Charlie Heard charlie at
Mon Apr 12 18:14:12 BST 2021

I have noticed that the BBC channels keep the previous 2 hours of live
TV stored in a buffer. On my Smart TV, I can restart the programme I
am watching in iPlayer, and can pause it for upto 2 hours behind the
current time. It will pause for more than 2 hours, but only stores the
last 2 hours of live broadcast and jumps to the beginning of the
buffer when play is pressed. Is there any way for get_iplayer to
access this buffer?


On Sun, 11 Apr 2021 at 19:17, J K.Eason <mail at> wrote:
> >  Thank you. Git it working now on my restored computer.
>  Good!
> >  Is there a way of using command prompt to start a recording from a
> > past time eg if you wanted to record TV or radio 1 hour ago?
> Get_iplayer is purely designed to retrieve programs that the BBC has put
> on the iPlayer site. It can't download programs which have just been
> transmitted. Even a PVR can't do that unless it's continuously recording
> current programs.
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