Repair Shop - series 5 episodes 1 - 20

Jeremy Nicoll - ml gip at
Tue Jul 21 19:09:12 EDT 2020

On 2020-07-21 21:54, CJB wrote:
> Wondering if anyone downloaded these episodes? Actually we are seeking
> the subtitle files please.
> Note: episodes 11 - 40 were never aired even if the iPlayer website 
> says
> so!!

Episodes 11-20 were certainly available on iPlayer; I saw them.  
I recognise the pictures of some of the participants and the details of
the tasks (eg the family with the old telescope in E14, the chap holding
the toy cannon in E15, the large homemade telescope - on the table in 
picture, the sausage machine & samovar in E17, E18's disintegrating 
fire bucket, E19's gramophone & piggy, and I the Strongwoman in E20).

The website does not claim that episodes 21 onwards have been 
There's no list of dates of transmission at the foot of each of those
programmes' detail pages.

The dates shown on the info boxes alongside the pictures on each such 
are probably intended transmission dates.  Maybe final editing of those
episodes is delayed (as it seems are E6 onwards of S6, maybe the latter
haven't even been filmed yet).

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