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> Boy, the hypocrisy here is stunning.  The BBC allows time-limited
> downloads, but does NOT allow downloads without an expiration date. 
> Every single license payer here is violating BBC's terms of service by
> using GiP to download files that do not expire.  Yet heaven forbid
> someone from outside the UK violate those same terms of service. 

Erm, back in mere reality, people in the UK for many decades have been able
to use VCRs, DVD Videorecorders, and now computer-based system to record
from broadcasts and keep those recordings for an indeterminate time.

The use of get_iplayer in essence just provides another convenient way to
do this.

*However the umbrella requirement of all the above is to be a TV Licence
fee payer, and thus legally can access the material.* (Or some agreed

What would be wrong for *all* the above methods would be to make and
distribute copies to others. Or to not have a TV License (or equivalent).

IIUC The formal view of the BBC wrt gip is that they neither 'condone or
support' it. But I know that at least some people at the BBC themselves do
use it.[1] AIUI Their main concern is that it may act as a 'leak' for
material, undermining the IPR holder's ability to market the material
outwith the UK. That in turn would undermine the BBCs position as they'd be
either denied material or asked for more money by the IPR holders, and find
their ability to sell BBC-created material would reduce.

Also: You may not have noticed that the BBC have been trying to extend the
accessibility in terms of allowing longer time periods before material
'expires' from iplayer. There has actually been quite a spur put to this by
'lockdown'. Some 'box setting' has been occurring.

So I suggest that your view isn't quite correct.

The key point is that in general people *outwith* the UK do NOT have any
'permission or right' to make recordings or even *view* the UK-intended
material. That means via VCR, DVD Recorder, etc, as well as by live viewing
or gip.


[1] Indeed, on more than one occasion over the years I've co-operated with
some to help them check/develop some aspects of iplayer performance. Using
gip for the purpose. It is actually a very handy tool for engineers.

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