Syntax for grabbing all episodes of the new season of Celebrity Master Chef

James Robinson jamesrobinson2012 at
Sun Jul 5 08:31:53 EDT 2020

Could not agree more.  Well said.

> On 04 July 2020 at 17:29 Jon Davies <jon at> wrote:
> On Sat, 4 Jul 2020 at 13:58, Barry Toner <barry at> wrote:
> > Can someone please tell me how I do this?  I promised some friends in the USA I would grab this show for them.  I need the video and don’t need subtitles or audio description.
> This is why I stopped subscribing to this list a couple of years ago -
> I've been resubscribed by the old backup, but will be going again.  I
> want nothing to do with anyone or anything that promotes violation of
> the BBC terms of use.  See
> - particularly 7a, the
> bit that says
> a. Don’t mess with our services
> What do we mean by that? This sort of thing:
> ...Accessing content from outside the UK that you aren’t allowed to,
> or helping others do the same.
> So, please just stop using get-iplayer for this sort of thing.  People
> have put effort into building get-iplayer to enable fair use within
> the UK in circumstances that the BBC's own software doesn't support.
> Yes, I'm angry.  I'm angry that people, including you Barry Toner, are
> abusing the work others (and to a much lesser extent I) have put into
> get-iplayer and the various distribution points for it.
> So I'm pulling the plug on what's left of the Ubuntu repository
> (though it was getting no further updates for other reasons), and
> pulling the plug on the Raspbian repository.  If you don't like this,
> tough.  Do your own thing.  I'm having no part in this any more.
> Jon
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