Update crashes my PC.

tom revittony at sky.com
Thu Oct 10 06:38:51 PDT 2019

I am running Windows 10 ver 1607.

HP Compaq dc7800p Ultra Slim Desktop PC

I have version get_iplayer 3.20. Installed.

I want to update and have downloaded the Windows installer from..


My problem is that whenever I try to launch the installer, from the
downloaded .exe file, it crashes my PC.

Firstly, I get the box in the middle of the screen and then it goes
completely black.

It flashes a couple of times and then freezes the PC.

At this point I have to switch the PC off and restart.

As I cannot install, this version, there is no log to show. 

I have installed this file on another PC and it went perfectly.

I have tried various downloads, with the same result.

Any help to get the upgrade done, would be gratefully received.

Many thanks

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