Off-line conversion- M4A toMP3

george at george at
Mon May 13 01:05:16 PDT 2019

I used to do this, but then discovered that my player would happily play the unconverted file (even though it was not on the list of supported formats). I would give that a try before doing anything else, you may find that the conversion step is completely unnecessary anyway....

On Mon, May 13, 2019 at 3:33 AM +0100, "Doug Faunt N6TQS +1-510-717-1197" <mailto:dougfaunt at> wrote:
I have the line in my options file that converts downloaded files to
MP3, since I usually listen on an MP3 player.

But there are times when I want to minimize the time I'm actually
using the internet and download as quickly
as practical,and then do that conversion later, without an internet
connection (I'm a mariner and sometimes
the only connectivity I can get is sitting in a cafe ashore).

What's a good Windows program for batch converting a group of M4A
files to MP3's?
I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I've been through the
last year of archives and didn't spot anything
useful from the thread subjects.

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