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Sun May 12 23:59:31 PDT 2019

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> What's a good Windows program for batch converting a group of M4A
> files to MP3's?

You can do this with the ffmpeg executable included with get_iplayer
and a batch file

@Echo Off
for %%F in (*.m4a) do "C:\Program Files
(x86)\get_iplayer\utils\ffmpeg.exe" -i "%%F" -y "%%~nF.mp3"

save this as a text file in the same folder as your m4a files, but
ensure it has a .bat extension e.g. m4a2mp3.bat

Then simply double click the .bat file and it will loop through all
the .m4a and create a .mp3 with the same filename

This will default to a ~128 kbits/s file but if you want to set a
different bitrate you can adjust the command in the file.

For example, using the LAME V9 preset would give you the following:

@Echo Off
for %%F in (*.m4a) do "C:\Program Files
(x86)\get_iplayer\utils\ffmpeg.exe" -i "%%F" -q:a 9 -y "%%~nF.mp3"

Full info on bitrates is here:



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