WS podcast sideffect, was Re: Grenfell Tower podcasts

Jim web web at
Tue Mar 26 09:38:09 PDT 2019

Slight update on this:

I've tried using examples of the "More or Less" short items on WS. These
are typically < 10mins each.

An example like w3cswk3s fetches OK with my usual 'radio' settings and
hafhigh2. Gives me the usual 320k aac. (*)

However w3cswk3r fails using these settings and tells me to use hafmed,
haflow, or hlalow. Using hafmed gets me only 96k aac, not 320k.

The uneven behaviour makes me suspect this is an "Oops!" somewhere at the
BBC. I can't see why such a difference would be deliberate. But I've
perhaps not experimented enough to spot a pattern.

However if anyone else encounters examples, I'd be interested to know about


* In the past using the '2' tended to give faster fetches than when I

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