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On Tue, Mar 26, 2019 at 06:51:08AM +0000, S Byers wrote:

> Re: top and tail adverts.
> Surely advertising is against the BBC Charter - in tne UK anyway.

They've always been able to promote their own content.

> But when we were in Malta recently the BBC News website was heavily advertising Vodaphone and even after reporting these intrusions to Google they persisted and took up much of the screen display.

Why on earth would you report them to Google when it's a Vodafone advert
on a BBC site? In any case, they're also allowed to carry advertising on
their website if you're viewing it from outside the UK.

> And I do know that BBC World Service on t.v. is also heavily contaminated by such inane adverts. .

Not intended for UK audiences so again, advertising is fine. Also note
that while the government made the BBC fund the World Service recently,
it has historically not been funded from the licence fee. Now that it
*is* funded by the licence fee we should welcome adverts on it as a way
of offsetting that effective reduction in the funding available to the

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