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> Why do you need to use get_iplayer?  Click the link in your email.
> Click the link to the episode you want to download.  Click Download.
> Select Higher quality or Lower quality.  Choose where to download it.

> If you really want to use get_iplayer

> get_iplayer --pid p066rd9t --pid-recursive --type radio

This prompts me to ask a question about the way 'podcasts' in some cases
seem to inconsistently be 'replacing' versions of the broadcast versions.
Particularly for the World Service.

Using the standard 'radio' method some examples now give me the 'podcasted
version' with some kind of top-and-tail adverts or glue-ons which weren't
aired via conventional radio. This seems to happen, or not, with no warning
or choice.

On some recent occasions the standard attempt to fetch fails. Instead I get
told to use hafmed, haflow, or  hlalow modes. 

 I've not yet experimented further but then find that using the 'download'
icon on the relevant programme's wepage offers me only a 128kbps (or lower)
mp3 *NOT* a 320k aac file.

I can't recall specific examples as I've not yet made notes. But one of the
short 'More or Less' snippets on WS last week did the latter. 

Anyone else encountered this or got to the bottom of it? Are there now BBC
radio programs which can't be obtained as 320k aac or 'as broadcast'? Or is
this a confused side-effect of the desperate rollout of 'Sounds'. Or do I
mean "Zounds!" as it seems a bit like going back into the past?... :-)


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