Radio Comedy: Dad's Army et al ....

RS richard22j at
Thu Mar 21 04:23:34 PDT 2019

On 21/03/2019 08:52, CJB wrote:
> The naming of the files to include 'original' or 'shortened' seems to
> imply that some dialogue has been removed.
> Maybe 'original' means full length tape broadcasts as aired years ago,
> whereas 'shortened' means from a transcription disc. Or maybe the
> 'original' sans imagined un-PC references					
I think shortened means that material has been removed to fit a shorter 
slot in the schedule.  I have only seen it for television but there is 
no reason it should not also apply to radio.  One example was a 45 
minute episode of Homes Under the Hammer covering three properties which 
was shortened to 30 minutes by only including two of the properties.  
Unfortunately the description in the iPlayer still had all three 
properties, and it was the property I wanted to hear about which was 
left out!

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