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> I have been able to compare a handful of programmes of the type you 
> describe with the same examples which I downloaded some time ago, using 
> the now defunct 'Radio Downloader'. In these cases, the older downloads 
> were significantly longer due to the inclusion of a 'buffer' at each 
> end. This extra material would contain part of the last/next programme 
> as well as the continuity between.
> I cannot say for certain that this is always the case for 'shortened' 
> programmes, but it seems possible. Was there a point in Iplayer history 
> where cutoff timing was made more accurate?

No, I don't think so. You still occasionally see new stuff appear on
iPlayer with those annoying tops and tails. It's usually stuff that is
broadcast live IME, where the workflow for getting it onto iPlayer
involves recording it off-air. To allow for the schedule going all
wibbly as things occasionally over-run those automated recordings have a
bit of slack at either end.

Pre-recorded stuff and repeats obviously have a different workflow
normally, although they can still be recorded off-air for iPlayer

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