Radio Comedy: Dad's Army et al ....

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Thu Mar 21 01:52:10 PDT 2019

The naming of the files to include 'original' or 'shortened' seems to
imply that some dialogue has been removed.

Maybe 'original' means full length tape broadcasts as aired years ago,
whereas 'shortened' means from a transcription disc. Or maybe the
'original' sans imagined un-PC references.

Chris B.

On 21/03/2019, iplayer at <iplayer at> wrote:
> On 20/03/2019 19:34, CJB wrote:
>> Just been downloading the first series of DA radio eps. from iPlayer
>> using get_iplayer.
>> However I noticed some discrepancies.
>> Some are 'original' others are 'shortened'
>> Same pertains to Steptoe, Navy Lark, Hancock, etc.
>> Why so?
> I have been able to compare a handful of programmes of the type you
> describe with the same examples which I downloaded some time ago, using
> the now defunct 'Radio Downloader'. In these cases, the older downloads
> were significantly longer due to the inclusion of a 'buffer' at each
> end. This extra material would contain part of the last/next programme
> as well as the continuity between.
> I cannot say for certain that this is always the case for 'shortened'
> programmes, but it seems possible. Was there a point in Iplayer history
> where cutoff timing was made more accurate?
> --
> Mike Casswell
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