Radio Comedy: Dad's Army et al ....

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Thu Mar 21 01:24:30 PDT 2019

On 20/03/2019 19:34, CJB wrote:

> Just been downloading the first series of DA radio eps. from iPlayer
> using get_iplayer.
> However I noticed some discrepancies.
> Some are 'original' others are 'shortened'
> Same pertains to Steptoe, Navy Lark, Hancock, etc.
> Why so?

I have been able to compare a handful of programmes of the type you 
describe with the same examples which I downloaded some time ago, using 
the now defunct 'Radio Downloader'. In these cases, the older downloads 
were significantly longer due to the inclusion of a 'buffer' at each 
end. This extra material would contain part of the last/next programme 
as well as the continuity between.

I cannot say for certain that this is always the case for 'shortened' 
programmes, but it seems possible. Was there a point in Iplayer history 
where cutoff timing was made more accurate?

Mike Casswell

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