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RS richard22j at
Mon Mar 18 05:08:28 PDT 2019

On 17/03/2019 16:32, Nick wrote:

> I got all the video files in one go with this lengthy, but one
> line command:
> wget -qO- | grep '<a
> class="more_video" href="/archive/steamtrains/[0-9]*\.shtml' | sed -e
> 's at .*\(/archive/steamtrains/[0-9]*\.shtml\).*@\1@'
> | sort | uniq | xargs -L1 get_iplayer.294
Thank you very much for this.  As someone new to Linux I learned a lot 
from trying to use it, and how it worked.

The problem I had was that line wrapping in the email caused the 
commands to be misinterpreted when I tried to cut and paste them.  I 
managed to split up the command by splitting the pipes before sort into 
redirections to and from files.

I got it to work with get_iplayer v2.96.  As I had a --tvmode option in 
my preferences I had to use --tvmode=flashnormal instead of the 
--modes=flashnormal suggested by get_iplayer.

I initially tried with v2.99.  I got 18 results similar to
ERROR: Could not extract a valid PID from

Curiously when I tried to run get_iplayer v2.95 in my present set-up I got
/usr/bin/env: ‘perl\r’: No such file or directory

Best wishes

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