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> Now that is how web applications should be. With JS off I get a nice
> plain HTML form. The first file looks like it is working, the form
> submitting right now.

Thanks. :-)) All three files arrived fine.

FWIW I started writing webpages back in the days when the norm was to use
the simplest and cleanest HTML that did the job. And assume that it is the
task of the browser/viewer to render that as *they* prefer. Hence my pages
use ancient KISS methods despite people routinely telling me about all the
"whizz wheels" I 'must' use to impress.

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> > Many thanks. And apologies for any fuss I've caused.

> You're welcome, it's been no fuss.

> Trains have a bad rep, but they are big machines that are all around us,
> there's lots of engineering and otherwise technical stuff that is
> interesting. So thank you for highlighting some relatively obscure
> stuff, I'm sure there'll be something in there that's properly nerdy.

These days 'model rail' tends to be associated with 'train spotter'. I used
to have a model rail setup when a kid. Long ago stopped having any active
interest in that for myself. But still have an interest in the engineering,
and find steam locomotives impressive and intriguing engineering. 

WRT the models what really impresses me is the sheer accuracy of the
detailing some people can produce. I'm utter rubbish at mechanical. I can
build electronics, but even there if some tilts the box they can hear the
boards, etc, inside shuffle about because I didn't fix them down properly.

Thanks again,


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