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> > FWIW I did try looking at the source code for one of the BBC pages
> > involved here. But couldn't see any sign of a pattern that I
> > recognised as an actual pid.  :-/

> For a piece of video created as long ago as 1980, I don't quite
> understand why you would expect to find a pid.

> It's amazing enough that it's online at all, surely.

TBH I have no idea when the BBC started using pids to reference their
access to web video/audio output for iplayer. I assume it can't have been
in 1980! But I also assumed that they'd have started doing so as the added
files to their iplayer/website for people to get (via Flash initially, I

The second assumption is presumably true. The second, now you point it out,
may well not. That didn't occur to me at the outset, though.


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