Steam radio...

RS richard22j at
Sun Mar 17 08:37:06 PDT 2019

On 17/03/2019 14:08, Jim web wrote:

> FWIW I did try looking at the source code for one of the BBC pages involved
> here. But couldn't see any sign of a pattern that I recognised as an actual
> pid.  :-/
I cheated and worked back from the PID in the Olivia Chaney example. 
The relevant string appears to be

I tried searching for pid in your Four Steamers example.  At first I 
could not even get the View Page Source by right clicking, but 
eventually found it by trying before I clicked Firefox's Allow Flash 
button.  The string pid does not occur anywhere on the page, so this is 
a completely different regime.

Jeremy Nicoll's seems the most promising approach.  As he suggested I tried


It created a file called wget-log containing one line 
Scheme missing.

Best wishes

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