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Sun Mar 17 07:06:11 PDT 2019

On 2019-03-16 12:42, Jim web wrote:
> I've recently found an 'archive' page at
> which also links to old pages on each item it lists.
> My usual way of fetching items is to hover the mouse over a player 
> window
> or link, or look at the programme's address to see the pid. Then give 
> the
> pid to gip. But these items don't seem to show any pid either way.
> So am I missing something here, and how can I fetch the items I'd like 
> from
> these pages? I have some of the video examples from a later 
> 'collections'
> page, but am curious about the radio examples, etc. (Prompted by some 
> Tv
> programmes on 'Hornby' :-) )

It's not clear from what you wrote if any of the links on that page lead 
some place where the pid approach does work, so I looked at one link 
at random:

In the source of that page, where the embedded Flash video would be (I 
there is some Javascript:

  <script type="text/javascript">
  var emp = new bbc.Emp();

I edited the page URL

according to the playlist variable to produce

and fetched it.  It contains

  <media kind="video" width="384" height="288" type="video/x-flv">
    <connection kind="akamai" identifier="archive/white/OAT_BBC_7312"
      server="" tokenIssuer="akamaiUk"/>

which basically means, I think, that the Flash source is stored on
that specific akamai server.  I'd assume that fetching it requires
one to direct the fetch request to that server - which might be
possible using a specially crafted URL...

Using firefox, I enabled Flash and reloaded the page with the
Tools - Web Developer - 'Web Console' open; when I clicked on
the 'play' button, firefox issued


I don't know if, say, cURL or wget would fetch the file for you if
you used a URL like that.

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