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Sun Mar 17 05:15:45 PDT 2019

Please see below ...

On 17/03/2019 10:10, Jim web wrote:
> Can someone explain what I'm doing wrong or missing? If not, I'll look at
> the 'youtube' approach. (Will that work for 'radio' examples, BTW?)
I can't necessarily help with this specific problem, but recently I was 
trying to download a video on this page ....
... of Olivia Chaney singing Roman Holiday, but initially was unable to 
do so.  Eventually I copied all the page's HTML source into a 
programmer's text editor (the wonderful TextPad), and used regular 
expression find and replace to remove everything except the BBC links in 
the page source, which left me with them in a list with no duplicates; 
then it was simply a question of trying each one until I found one that 
GiP or YTD would download, which eventually I did.

FTR, in case it may be helpful in spotting a pattern, it was ...
     perl  C:\Programs\GetIPlayer\  --pid p06ks6fd
... that worked.

Undeniably a tedious chore, but successful in the end.

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