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Sun Mar 17 04:33:41 PDT 2019

On 17/03/2019 10:10, Jim web wrote:
> In article <20190316150052.5a6dabfa at>,
>     <get_iplayer at> wrote:
>> $ get_iplayer.294
> I've tried the above via calling gip followed by the url of the relevant
> page (i.e. just changing the number before the ".shtml" to suit).
> On two different machines here, using different versions of gip, I get a
> list of "failed to download programme schedule" errors followed by urls for
> where gip looked for them, then no coconut.
> I've just tried 2.93 and 2.91. 2.93 gives the above. 2.91 seems to report
> the same errors witha different report format, no coconut.
> Can someone explain what I'm doing wrong or missing? If not, I'll look at
> the 'youtube' approach. (Will that work for 'radio' examples, BTW?)
youtube-dl will work with radio and it also supports Flash.  When I tried


I got
ERROR: Unable to extract playlist data;

which is essentially the same problem you got with get_iplayer.  Maybe 
someone who managed to get it to work can explain how to extract a valid 
URL from the archive page.

Best wishes

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