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> > 
> > I do have some ancient versions of gip on one machine here. So I'll
> > experiment. Question of "how old", etc, I guess. From the above I get
> > the impression you used 2.94.
> > 
> The last version of get_iplayer to support Flash was v2.99.  That does
> not mean all earlier versions do.  It was given a reprieve when there
> was a problem with the HLS modes.  A quick skim of the release notes
> suggests it was removed in v2.98, restored in v2.99 and finally removed
> in v3.00.

I tried an early version of one machine last night. Didn't work. But I'll
try others I have on other machines.

> Also, as was suggested about a week ago, you can try youtube-dl as also
> suggested in the v2.98 release notes.

I may resort to that. :-) 

My initial interest was in the 'radio' examples having started wondering
about audio recordings of steam locomotive from seeing the James May
programmes. But some of the 'TV' programmes also look interesting.



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