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> I'm not an expert, but what you said made me try something:

> $ get_iplayer.294
> ... INFO: Trying pid:
> using type: tv INFO:
> Trying to stream pid using type tv INFO: pid not found in tv cache
> Matches:


> Wow, that's a bit retro. Yay for never deleting old software, and
> leaving things like RTMPDump lying about.

> Jim, do say if you can't get the downloads working. My computer is just
> the right combo of obsolete, legacy and non-supported software, and I do
> not suggest you try for the same platform :)

Thanks for your response.  :-))

I do have some ancient versions of gip on one machine here. So I'll
experiment. Question of "how old", etc, I guess. From the above I get the
impression you used 2.94.


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