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Sat Mar 16 08:00:52 PDT 2019

On Sat, 16 Mar 2019 13:44:47 +0000
michael norman <michaeltnorman at> wrote:
> Can't help much but I do recall a while ago that it worked here with 
> some Blues music tv programmes, for reasons I can't remember I used
> the url directly.  As I said a while ago with an older version of
> gip, but the bbc site looks the same and the gip docs give the same
> instructions.
> Over to people much more expert than me.

I'm not an expert, but what you said made me try something:

$ get_iplayer.294
INFO: Trying pid:
using type: tv INFO: Trying to stream pid using type tv
INFO: pid not found in tv cache

INFO: 1 Matching Programmes
INFO: Checking existence of default version
INFO: flashnormal1 modes will be tried for version default
INFO: Trying flashnormal1 mode to record tv: Time Out - The Four
Steamers INFO: File name prefix =
RTMPDump v2.4 (c) 2010 Andrej Stepanchuk, Howard Chu, The Flvstreamer
Team; license: GPL Connecting ...
INFO: Connected...
Starting download at: 0.000 kB

Wow, that's a bit retro. Yay for never deleting old software, and
leaving things like RTMPDump lying about.

Jim, do say if you can't get the downloads working. My computer is just
the right combo of obsolete, legacy and non-supported software, and I
do not suggest you try for the same platform :)


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