David Snyder dasnyderx at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 8 07:27:22 PST 2019

The information Nick has in his reply is a good overview of 
the output from a given command when run in cron (especially
about paying attention to the different output between stdout
and stderr).  I just want to correct one point on what Nick said
about running sub-shells in cron:

> Now I think about it I don't think you can put sub-shells in a
> cron-tab. You would need to make a little script to launch gip,
> with its options and piped output, and launch that script via
> cron.

You *can* run sub-shells in a crontab entry.  I do it for a lot
of the cron entries I use on a regular basis.  So doing something
like the following crontab entry would work:

  0 */2 * * * get_iplayer --pvr >> /var/log/GiP/$(date +%F)_pvr-log 2>&1

I hope that clarifies that point and helps.


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