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Fri Mar 8 05:19:10 PST 2019

I am gradually changing from the long time running of Gip on a Windows 
PC to a Raspberry Pi using Raspbian. I am very much a beginner at Linux 
and would be grateful for advice on the following.

After looking at a lot of online suggestions, I have created this 
crontab entry:

0 */2 * * * get_iplayer --pvr >> /---/----/GiP/pvr-log

This works as expected in terms of running the PVR but I am confused by 
the logging.

Firstly, I get entries in the log file such as:

New radio programme: '15 Minute Drama: A Small Town Murder - 04. Episode 
4', 'Peter has revealed he knows Angela, the victim's wife, from the 
past. Starring Meera Syal.'
New radio programme: 'Golden Child - 09. 9 The Wrong Boy', 'Don 
Warrington continues Claire Adam's heartrending debut set in Trinidad.'

Nothing wrong with this, but I had expected the full output, as would be 
seen if running the pvr manually. I don't necessarily want all that but 
I need to be sure that download failures are logged and also, if 
possible, problems such as multiple retries which may indicate trouble 
elsewhere. Can I be sure that errors would be logged?

Also, I'm confused by the writing of the log file. Sometimes it appears 
that new entries have been appended to the existing file, at others that 
the file has been overwritten. I'm not yet 100% sure of this, though. 
What I would like to have happen is for a new log file to be created for 
each pvr run, with a filename including the date and time. Suggestions 
for achieving this will be welcome, but please remember that I am new to 


Mike Casswell

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