get_iplayer odd behaviour

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Wed Jun 12 08:01:32 PDT 2019

Please see below ...

On 12/06/2019 15:11, artisticforge Niemand wrote:
> Hello
> get_iplayer-3.18 (yes, i know it is not the latest) aperiodically
> while downloading a media file will drop the connection, reconnect and
> upon reconnecting starts re downloading from Zero bytes.
> it just did it on a file that was 95% complete over 4GB all ready
> downloaded upon reconnecting it began downloading all over again from
> the beginning.
> What causes this to happen?
> I am not asking that it be "solved". I would just like to know why it happens.
Usually this means that you're connection is either flaky and the 
connection really is being dropped, or else so slow that either GiP or 
the BBC server thinks that the connection has been lost and pulls the 
plug on it anyway.  I used to have this happen frequently, but that was 
at the time of v2.x, and with that version you could use options to 
extend GiP timeout period, but I'm not sure that those options are still 
valid in v3.x.  FTR they were:
     Radio    hlsradioopts  --timeout 100
                   rtmpradioopts  --timeout 100
     Video    hlstvopts  --timeout 100
                   rtmptvopts  --timeout 100

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