OT problems listening to BBC Radio (via internet on Android and Firestick)

Dave Widgery dave.widgery at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 06:43:32 PDT 2019


Sorry for posting this but having searched the internet haven't found
anywhere to ask the question.

For many years I have used a MXQ android (v4.2) box for a bit of TV
but mainly for listening to BBC Radio, I always used Firefox rather
than the BBC app as It was nice to be able to pause or even rewind a
program if I needed to, facilities which the app doesn't have.

But neither Firefox or Chrome (for android) work consistently on the
MXQ box since the BBC have updated their site, I often have to refresh
the page several times before the page displays properly. although the
BBC Iplayer Radio App does work.

Partly due to this and a requirement to be able to watch online TV I
bought a Amazon Firestick (with Alexia) hoping to be able to ditch the
MXQ box.

It works great for TV, but neither the BBC Iplayer Radio App or the
BBC Sounds App are supported (I have tried sideloading the apps
without success) in addition neither the Amazon or firerfox web
browsers work with the BBC site either, I have tried several radio
apps in the Amazon store, but have not found any that allow you to
also access replay content.

I have tried contacting the App creators for both the BBC apps to ask
if they are going to be supported on the firestick but not really had
a response it is frustrating as I want to ditch the MXQ box and
simplify the setup so my wife can use it.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

Regards and thanks in advance for any help


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