Clive roadcone at
Sat Apr 6 01:56:31 PDT 2019

Hello All,

I download radio using Linux Terminal on Mint 19.1. Modes is not set in
the preferences file and I download with no mode settings, so get the
default.  I have an issue I do not understand and hope this group can
enlighten me.

For podcasts, downloaded using the PID, I invariably get a stuttering
sound. The sound is momentarily interrupted with silence, then a section
of sound, then an interruption. Over the course of tens of seconds the
section of sound (the gaps between the silence) get shorter and shorter
- then get longer and longer, until 'normal service is resumed'. For
those drivers among you, it is like driving over the awareness bumps at
some hidden junctions - the bumps get closer together as you approach
the junction and further apart as you leave it.

The same effect is only sometimes apparent when downloading the regular
programs (rather than the podcasts).

The effect may occur only once in a 30-minute broadcast or may occur
twice, seldom more.

The effect is very pronounced on a Roberts DAB radio with USB input, it
is quite pronounced on a small Sony player and hardly occurs on an very
old Samsung portable player (sadly on its last legs battery-wise). The
same files play fine on a Linux computer and an Android phone.

Any enlightenment please?

The get_iplayer question is, where can I establish the difference
between the myriad of versions available; I don't know the difference
between a daf, a haf, or an hla though I know that best gets me 320 and
better gets me 128. Also, is there any mode that will get me something
better than 128 but  not all the way to 320? My hearing is not so good,
but I often find the 128 sibilance disturbing.

Enough - and thank you.


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