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Wed Apr 3 04:12:59 PDT 2019

Please see below ...

On 03/04/2019 09:36, CJB wrote:
 > Just a quick question - installing get_player on a new computer I need
 > to transfer the History and PVR List files across (likely using a USB
 > drive). I know that they are in the \User\get_iplayer folder. But what
 > are these called? And what other files need to be copied across.
 > Thanks. Chris B.

<path to profile director>\download_history
<path to profile director>\pvr

The  latter is a subdirectoy.

But why not just copy the whole profile directory?  That's what I would 
do.  There are other things in it which certainly used to be important 
and may still be so, such as:

Note that if you've moved the profile directory to elsewhere on the new 
computer, all the paths in the download_history will be wrong. This will 
probably only matter in unusual circumstances, but you could do a global 
change and replace and save the file as edited. Mention of which reminds 
me ...

Note also that if you are moving these files from, say, a Windows PC to 
a Linux PC, you will need to change the line-endings in the files using 
dos2unix or similar.

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