Best Video is Limited to hvfxd for Pairs Free in World Figure Skating Championship 2019

Live Musicfs t-64 at
Tue Apr 2 23:44:00 PDT 2019

Hello Everyone,

I checked all the episode in the series:

All of them provide hvfhd format except for This episode is limited to hvfsd.

My get_iplayer version is 3.20. I have tried these command:

get_iplayer --pid p07391pn --info
get_iplayer --info

The video format I can get are:

modes:           original: hvfxsd1,hvfxsd2,dvfxsd1,hvfxhigh1,hvfxhigh2,dvfxhigh1,hvflow1,hvflow2,dvflow1
modesizes:       original: hvfxsd1=3511MB,hvfxsd2=3511MB,dvfxsd1=2866MB,hvfxhigh1=1937MB,hvfxhigh2=1937MB,dvfxhigh1=1477MB,hvflow1=1146MB,hvflow2=1146MB,dvflow1=781MB

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