Reduced resolution and sync problems

Dave Widgery dave.widgery at
Sat Jan 13 05:40:48 PST 2018


I didn't read it well enough either, I was confusing dvfhigh with dvfxhigh,

But your last comment about the full list of modes was interesting, I
have been running smart dns proxy on my PC (
without this I get the full list of modes, I can see thet the bbc
might allow or stop access depending on whether they think that you
are in the UK or not, but I am puzzled why the modes list would be
restricted, but I guess the system at the bbc is more complicated than
I would have imagined.

Hopefully this will solve my problem,

Thanks for the help.


On 13 January 2018 at 13:41, RS <richard22j at> wrote:
> Sent: Saturday, January 13, 2018 12:19 PM  I wrote
>> DVFxsd, 960x540 at 25fps, may be closer to what you want.  You can set
>> --tvmode=dvfxsd
> Sorry, I didn’t read the list carefully enough.  dvfxsd is not on the list
> of modes –info returned to you.  It looks as though dvfxhigh is the best
> 25fps mode you can get.
> Best wishes
> Richard
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