Missing Windows v3.10 .pl file?

RS richard22j at zoho.com
Sat Jan 13 02:58:22 PST 2018

Despite my comments about the Launchpad delay in building the v3.10 ubuntu 
PPA, I have been a bit slow in updating my Windows installations.  Unless 
other components have changed, I normally go to the Windows installation 
and then to Source code (zip)
I then rename the old .pl and copy the get_iplayer.pl file in its place. 
Recently I have had to add the .pl suffix myself.

For v3.10 I can't find get_iplayer.pl or any file of the right size.

get_iplayer.cmd still contains a line
perl.exe "%GIP_INST%\get_iplayer.pl" %*
so the name can't have changed.

Sorry if I am being obtuse, but where is it?

Best wishes

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