Reduced resolution and sync problems

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>Alan is right that the --tvmode aliases change their meaning from time to
>time.  For that reason I prefer to select the mode I want from
>despite what it says after STOP.

>I don't think your problem is being caused by such a change.  That page 
>shows the current aliases and it is not easy to retrieve the historical
>information.  Even so
>translates to

>600 Mbyte/h is about right for HLSvhigh.  I suspect what is happening is
>that your poor connection is causing errors and/or timeouts.  If there is 
>error which can't be recovered from get_iplayer will step through all the
>HLSvhigh modes and then on to the HVFxhigh modes and then on through the
>list.  If you are seeing separate video and audio downloads it may have got
>to DVFxhigh.

>That is only speculation.  To find out what is happening you will have to
>look at the get_iplayer stdout output.

I don't know whether Dave Widgery is bothering to read any of these replies. 
There is a forum post on a similar subject at
This is an extract from the response from dinky.
"If you don't want get_iplayer to fall back to lower-quality streams, then 
configure it to only attempt the mode(s) of interest, either permanently in 
preferences or for a single download via command line. If your connection 
drops you'll then be left with a partial download of the desired quality. 
Downloads are resumable, so once the connection is restored, just re-run the 
same get_iplayer command to complete the download.  You have the means to 
run get_iplayer automatically with the PVR function. Downloads that fail 
during one run should be picked up in the next. "

It seems to me that is good advice.

Best wishes

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