Reduced resolution and sync problems

Dave Widgery dave.widgery at
Mon Jan 8 15:04:00 PST 2018


For a long time now over various versions of get_iplayer I have been
using the following command.

get_iplayer --get  %%A  --tvmode=vgood  --nopurge
--output=c:\iplayer\tv\ --file-prefix="<name>-<episode>"

(The "%%A" is the program name that I want to record, I read it from a
text file in a batch file loop)

This has given me very acceptable recording quality and file size of
about 10Mb/minute. (a 30 minute program was about 300Mb -330Mb)

When I jumped a few versions I started to get sync problems between
sound and vision so I added the --no-hq-audio  to my command so that
it recorded sound and vision as one this solved the sync problems.

get_iplayer --get  %%A  --tvmode=vgood --no-hq-audio --nopurge
--output=c:\iplayer\tv\ --file-prefix="<name>-<episode>"

I then a while after ( a couple of months ago) I started getting
problems with reduced quality and file size reducing by a third (a 30
minute program is now just under 200Mb) I also started seeing sync
problems again.

More recently I upgraded to 3.09 and from what I read the
--no-hq-audio was no longer needed, so I removed it. so I am back to.

get_iplayer --get  %%A  --tvmode=vgood --nopurge
--output=c:\iplayer\tv\ --file-prefix="<name>-<episode>"

I am still getting poor quality and reduced file size, I see that it
is recording the sound and vision separately again and I am still
suffering with sound/vision sync problems.

My internet connection is very poor at the moment and I am guessing
that if either the sound and vision files get an error they do not
match up correctly when the final file is created. but I still don't
understand why the quality and file size has dropped when I am still
using the same --tvmode=vgood

Any suggestion welcome.


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