INFO: 0 matching programmes?

Budge ajebay at
Mon Jan 1 10:56:37 PST 2018

Hi George,
That makes sense and I now have the series I wanted.
Thanks for the reply.

On 01/01/18 18:05, George Eycott wrote:
> Using the PID method you can download programmes that are not in your cache.
> I suspect the series PID's are not in the cache, so the software is
> (correctly) saying it cannot find the PID in the cache, but as it is a PID
> it can then go and search on the BBC system at which point it finds what you
> are looking for and downloads it.
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>> Just catching up on some listening downloads (Living with the Gods)
>> using pid-recursive and before each download I get the captioned
>> message; but then the download proceeds.  Can somebody explain what is
>> going on please?
>> Budge
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