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Thu Aug 30 05:03:00 PDT 2018

I'm not sure whether this has been covered before, my memory not being 
what it was. I'll post, though, in case anyone else comes across this 
puzzle. Windows 7 and latest GIP.

Following a rearrangement of drives and data I changed the output 
directory for GIP using prefs. I was then driven to distraction when 
some, but not all, downloads failed to use the new location.

All downloads succeeded at the command line, using individual pids.

Some downloads would fail using the PVR either through command line or 

The failed examples were attempting to create and write to the previous 
output directory, which was on a drive letter which no longer exists. 
Once this occurred, the PVR run was halted.

I checked that the new output location was in the options file (prefs).

I attempted to override the location using the option in the GUI - no 

To cut a long story short, I discovered that each PVR file (e.g. 'Round 
Britain Quiz_name_radio') saved prior to some date in late 2015 
contained a line specifying the output directory at the time of 
creation, in the same format as in the prefs file. Later examples had no 
such line. I do not know why these were not overridden by the prefs 
entry or the GUI override.

I have edited all the relevant files to remove the entry and all now 
seems well.

Mike Casswell

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