radio recordings using latest gip version

RS richard22j at
Sun Aug 26 08:43:44 PDT 2018

On 26/08/18 11:05, Jim Lesurf wrote:
> Until yesterday I've been using an old version of gip to fetch radio 
> programmes. This is on my usual "Ain't broke" -> "Don't fix" basis. 
> However yesterday when I tried to get the latest set of R3 Proms files 
> it failed for the items that started with the pids that begin with 'm'.

The first prom with an m prefix seems to be Prom 52, m00006pc.  I have 
just tried to download it with get_iplayer 3.17 using hafhigh and 
dafhigh. There did not appear to be any problem, although I did not run 
the downloads to completion.  The default modes were hafhigh1 and 
dafhigh1, both of which used the Limelight CDN.

I was a bit too slow starting downloads of Proms.  I missed Prom 1 
(although I did get the headphone version of The Planets).  I had 
problems similar to the ones you describe with Proms 2 and 3 (with a b 
prefix) with the Akamai CDN (hafhigh2).  These went away when I retried 
with the Limelight CDN (hafhigh1) which was also a lot faster.  I have 
not had any further problems since.

I generally prefer Akamai for television programmes, but it may not be a 
good choice for radio.

Best wishes

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