--url, -recursive, multiple --pids

Ralph Corderoy ralph at inputplus.co.uk
Sun Aug 26 08:23:54 PDT 2018

Hi Clive,

> > > First of all, removing the space between the individual pids has
> > > worked.  This is odd because in the past, when I use the five
> > > digit number to download multiple programs I just leave a space
> > > between them, eg:
> > >
> > > get_iplayer 12345 12346 12347 12348 12349 -g
> >
> > Those `five digit number' are indexes, not PIDs.  The --pid option
> > does not change the meaning of arguments from indexes to PIDs;  it
> > takes a single argument that is a comma-separated list of PIDs.
> My experience is that if I enter the index numbers with each of five 
> digits separated by a space then it works, always. Try it on something 
> short like Tweet of the Day:

No, I don't need to try it.  I keep agreeing with you!  :-)
And you didn't ask about index numbers, but about PIDs.  Please re-read
what I've written.

You are mixing up an index and a PID, `10302' v. `b0bg2ctf'.  They are
not the same thing and get_iplayer does not take an argument and work
out which it is.  It has to be an index unless it is the argument
following --pid when it can be a comma-separated list of PIDs.

These are the equivalent forms, given my index values here.

    10299 10300 10301
    --pid b0bbbzr2,b0bcmpgb,b0bg2ctf

Cheers, Ralph.

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