--url, -recursive, multiple --pids

Ralph Corderoy ralph at inputplus.co.uk
Sun Aug 26 07:28:26 PDT 2018

Hi Clive,

> In the past I would have typed:
> get_iplayer --url="xxx" -recursive

Are you sure?  With a single `-'?
This old get_iplayer, I haven't upgraded yet, has --pid-recursive.
Perhaps that does what you're thinking of;  I've never used it.

> get_iplayer --pid p06hcf2k, p06hcfgy, p06gdf2p, p06gddz0, p06gdd2d,
> p06gdg0q, p06gdfvq, p06gdfmn, p06gdfqp, p06gdfh8, p06gdj6r, p06gdjb9,
> p06dqrzv
> I appear to have followed the syntax in the help screen

    --pid <pid>,<pid>,...

Don't add spaces after the comma?  It makes them separate words.

    $ prargv get_iplayer --pid foo, bar, xyzzy
	0 '/home/ralph/bin/prargv'
	1 'get_iplayer'
	2 '--pid'
	3 'foo,'
	4 'bar,'
	5 'xyzzy'
    $ prargv get_iplayer --pid foo,bar,xyzzy
	0 '/home/ralph/bin/prargv'
	1 'get_iplayer'
	2 '--pid'
	3 'foo,bar,xyzzy'

Cheers, Ralph.

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