--url, -recursive, multiple --pids

Clive roadcone at gmx.com
Sun Aug 26 07:14:50 PDT 2018

Linux Mint 18.3, Terminal

GiP get_iplayer 3.17-ppa32

--url -recursive appears to have changed.

In the past I would have typed:

get_iplayer --url="xxx" -recursive

and it would have got on and done it. It does not work at this url (and 
-recursive is no longer found as a GiP switch):


So ... I manually harvested each pid and tried:

get_iplayer --pid p06hcf2k, p06hcfgy, p06gdf2p, p06gddz0, p06gdd2d, 
p06gdg0q, p06gdfvq, p06gdfmn, p06gdfqp, p06gdfh8, p06gdj6r, p06gdjb9, 

both with and without the " at the start and end of each pid. It 
downloaded the first pid and then stopped.

I've downloaded each pid manually for the above list but would be 
grateful for guidance on both url and multiple pid downloading. I appear 
to have followed the syntax in the help screen, but I guess I have got 
something not quite right.

Thank you.


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