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Alan Milewczyk alan at
Sat Sep 30 18:03:43 PDT 2017

I haven't heard it yet but will be downloading all the shows on Tuesday 
after Radio1 Vintage ends.

Kenny was one of the most inventive and imaginative DJs in my lifetime. 
He started his career on the offshore station Radio London (Big L) in 
December 64 where he also had a joint show (the Kenny and Cash Show) 
with the late Dave Cash. He joined the Light Programme before it morphed 
into Radios 1 and 2 and had a controversial career with the Beeb, from 
where he was fired in 1970 for a joke about the then Transport Minister 
that overstepped the mark. In the years before he died he was with 
London's Capital Radio, so unfortunately, I wasn't able to hear his 
programmes up here in Manchester.

In his radio programmes he created various personas (some of whom, like 
Captain Kremmen, transferred to his TV shows) and used multitracking 
techniques to create and record many jingles throughout his career. 
Truly a radio genius. Sadly missed.


On 30/09/2017 21:39, Ralph Corderoy wrote:
> Hi Vangelis,
>> 21888:  Radio 1 Vintage - Kenny Everett, Radio 1 Vintage, p059kfxn
> I really enjoyed his TV programme when I was a kid, but never heard him
> on the radio.  Have just got hold of this, and looking forward to
> hearing it.  Thanks!  (No patch needed, in case others would like to do
> the same, just `--type radio --pid p059kfxn'.)

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