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Thu Sep 14 03:13:29 PDT 2017

From: David Cantrell
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> ...
>On which subject - there's a new channel on Freeview called FreeSports. But 
>it doesn't show up in EyeTV on my Mac, using an Elgato Diversity tuner. 
>Anyone have any suggestions to fix that? No, re-scanning the channel list 
>didn't help.

As you will see from this table
FreeSports is on FreeView channel 95 which is on multiplex COM8.
This page, which has not been updated,
shows that only the 3 PSB multiplexes are transmitted by all 1190 
transmitters.  The commercial multiplexes are only broadcast by the 80 main 
transmitters.  COM7 and COM8 are only broadcast by the 30 transmitters shown 
on this page.
If you follow the links to a transmitter you will see the multiplexes it 
transmits with the UHF channel numbers and signal strength.  For example 
from Crystal Palace COM8 is on UHF channel 35 at 39.8kW, 7dB below the 
signal strength of the PSB multiplexes (200kW).
If you can find the UHF channel number for COM8 on a transmitter you can 
receive you can try tuning that channel manually.  You can also check 
whether you can receive the other Freeview channels on COM8.

It is not clear whether or how or when the commercial multiplexes will be 
broadcast by more transmitters.

FreeSports is also on satellite.  It is on Astra 2E at 28°E on transponder 
116 at a frequency of 11426 V with the UK footprint as you can see from

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