A few ffmpeg queries

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at the.forthnet.gr
Sat Sep 9 14:29:23 PDT 2017

 On Fri Sep 8 09:00:41 BST 2017, Mark Carroll wrote:

> The script is unable to determine the version
> of my OpenBSD ffmpeg,
> ffmpeg version git-N-75412-g523da8eac1

 Hi Mark, if you browse the 3.02 code


you'll see that the script
1) Assumes a released ffmpeg version is installed (FFmpeg x.x.x)
2) Only checks whether this version is
a) >= 3.0 (this then meets all requirements)
b) 3.0> x.x.x >= 2.5 (not able to remux
dvf tvmodes to MP4 container, will leave
them as .ts files)
c) 2.5 > x.x.x >= 1.0 (not able to remux
dvf/hvf tvmodes to MP4 container, will leave
them as .ts files; hls remuxing should be fine (?))
d) 1.0 > x.x.x (ffmpeg is labelled as "obsolete").

> Fortunately the problem is simply
> a warning that I can ignore.

 If you (or anybody else for that matter)
has a non-released version of FFmpeg
which is quite recent and you know it
works OK with DASH/HVF remuxing,
you can make that warning go away via
"--ffmpeg-force" switch
(Bypass version checks and assume ffmpeg is version 3.0 or higher).

> I had hoped to suggest a patch

 There has been a related PR submitted
earlier in May,


I think I have to completely align myself with
the maintainer's comment...

> but I don't find that this hex string corresponds
> to a commit hash that appears at source.ffmpeg.org
> or suchlike

 I, too, could not find on
a commit with given HASH (523da8eac1);
but it does crop up in a Google search as an
OpenBSD version... maybe said commit
references some OpenBSD specific patch (?)

Have a nice Sunday,

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