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   Colin Law <clanlaw at gmail.com> wrote:

> Remember ffmeg has no customers, no-one pays for it. The documentation
> is maintained by the community (I assume).  Documentation for open
> source is always a problem as few are prepared to put in the time and
> effort required.

Agreed and understood. Yet people have written decent books about how to
use, for example, GIMP. Given how many people these days want to manipulate
and watch/listen to AV material at home I suspect someone could get a
return from writing a decent book on ffmpeg. The difficulty is that they
have to both have a good understanding of how to use it *and* be able to
write clearly at length as well as be motivated.

I can quite understand *why* it hasn't happened, but the lack does, I
think, simply mean people keep re-inventing wheels or use ffmpeg under the
hood of other programs without tackling the basic need for *user*


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