OT: A few ffmpeg queries

Jim web web at audiomisc.co.uk
Fri Sep 8 01:57:10 PDT 2017

In article <ffbc529f-7af0-65ee-cd70-b2fc2d32a60e at soulman1949.com>, Alan
Milewczyk <alan at soulman1949.com> wrote:
> On 07/09/2017 03:09, Vangelis forthnet wrote:
> >> ffmpeg -i progname.ts -c:av copy progname.mp4
> >
> > Very early in the morning here, so I'll be laconic for now :-)
> > Assuming you've not mistyped it, -c:av copy is not valid and probably
> > the reason your command is initiating video+audio transcoding... Try
> > ffmpeg -i progname.ts -c copy progname.mp4

> Super, does the job beautifully. All playback is through an nVidia
> Shield which I got recently. I've just downloaded ffmpeg/ffprobe/ffplay
> from the ffmpeg site, so I'll examine the files and the contents of the
> streams properly.

FWIW I find doing such a plain 'copy' pass though ffmpeg works fine for .ts
.ts material at times. But here I'm talking about streams captured from

Its a great shame that there isn't a decent and clear *tutorial* on how to
use ffmpeg for such things so that people can make sense of the vast forest
of mysterious options, switches, etc. The help/man is of little use to most
people because it only makes sense *after* you've found the right option.
Listing options isn't an explanation. Just a reminder for programmers who
*already* know what the options listed mean or can do for them and when
they are the 'right' ones. Data is not a synonym for information.


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