TV Audio Bitrates

RS richard22j at
Tue Sep 5 09:59:53 PDT 2017

Sent: Tuesday, September 5, 2017 17:26  I wrote

>For these programmes I used to use hvfxsd5 which was usually an Akamai HTTP 
>CDN.  The number of HVFxsd CDNs seems to have been reduced.  It used to be 
>about 8 and was 3 for this programme.

The number of CDNs is of course still 3.  I meant the number of CDN URLs. 
The reduction may be because of this from the 3.02 release notes.
"HTTPS media URLs are no longer used by default. They are duplicates of HTTP 
URLs and thus may unnecessarily slow download initialisation. 
Use --include-https to bring them back."

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